Meet Our Team

Your Tinley Park Dental Office All-Stars

Nichole W.
Office Manager

Nichole has been with our team for three years, and we love all she brings as the office manager. With two sisters and a mother all in the dental field, it was as if dentistry was her destiny. From scheduling appointments to insurance questions, Nichole is who you’ll want to speak with for answers to everything and more. Nichole values the patients and her team most in the office, making it a positive experience from start to finish. What matters most is helping a patient find the means to get treated. Nichole is empathetic, hardworking, compassionate, dedicated, and understanding. When she’s not in the office, Nichole spends as much time as possible with her fiance Jake and their son, Archer.

Emma W.
Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Emma is a Moraine Valley Community College graduate and the Dr. Annette Williamson Expanded Dental Functions Assistant (EFDA) Training Course. Emma has over a six years  of experience in dentistry. Emma loves being busy, and the artistry of designing custom dental crowns and placing perfect fillings. Before Emma knew what she wanted to do for a career, a family member who was also a dental assistant inspired her to choose dentistry. She loves being a part of a team who’s non-judgmental and knows how to create a fun atmosphere. Outside of work, Emma is a mentor at Lincoln’s Challenge Academy for troubled youth. She loves hanging out with her 8-year-old son, going to the gym, spa days, and shopping. 

Jennifer B.
Registered Dental Hygienist

Jennifer is a graduate of Prairie State College with over two decades of experience in dentistry. She decided to pursue this career path because it gave her a chance to help others improve their health through her work and provide valuable dental education. Jennifer enjoys the one-on-one interaction and time spent with every patient, building relationships based on friendship and trust. Jennifer also loves completing continuing education courses to provide patients with the most up-to-date care. Jennifer is always thoughtful, cheerful, hardworking, adaptable, and strong. Outside of work, she likes hanging out with her family and friends. While her favorite place to eat is Q Restaurant, Jennifer loves trying out new spots with her daughter. She also enjoys attending concerts, sporting events, and working out.

Katie M.
Dental Hygienist

Katie is a graduate of Fox College and Indiana University Northwestern with a bachelor’s dental hygiene with nearly a decade in dentistry. Besides caring for smiles, Katie truly loves giving patients patience and empathy to help ease their dental anxieties. She’s passionate about providing quality care and helping all patients achieve happy smiles. Katie initially fell in love with teeth and dentistry while working as an orthodontic assistant. She decided to learn more about the field, and dental hygiene seemed like the perfect fit. Katie is proud of how our office always puts patients first, spending extra time to make real connections. Katie is empathetic, genuine, hardworking, funny, and athletic. In her spare time, Katie enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend, Kyle, and her son Brody. She works out, plays basketball, and has started learning meditation techniques.