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Functional and Beautiful Smiles in Tinley Park

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Your natural smile is best, and at Downtown Tinley Dental, we’ll do everything we can to promote the health of your natural smile and keep it fully functional. We offer a variety of restorative dental options to help you retain full functionality of your teeth and ensure the healthiest smile.

From simple restorations like dental fillings, to full tooth replacement with dental implants, we’re here for you. It’s not about fitting your current situation into a specific treatment – instead we ask how we can tailor the treatment to fit your current needs. We’re ready to customize all our treatments to get you the restored, beautiful smile you deserve.

All our restorations are crafted from the highest-quality materials, and we’ll custom match your restoration to your existing teeth so the result is seamless. Your dental work will appear natural and flawless, which means you can smile with confidence, without worrying about others staring at your unsightly fake-looking dental work.

We build our restorations to last, and each one is durable when properly cared for. We employ the latest technology to bring the most advanced restorative dentistry to Tinley Park. A healthy smile is one that works exactly as intended, and we ensure your smile looks as great as it functions, too.


Dental fillings are a common restoration, and one of the most often performed in the dental industry. Our fillings are comprised of tooth-colored composite resin, which is durable and functional. The process – in which we removed the decayed portion of the tooth and restore it with the dental composite – is simple, and you’ll be able to eat and drink as soon as the filling is cured. Don’t let decay take over your smile.

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Porcelain Inlays/Onlays

In some situations, a traditional dental filling may not be suitable for your teeth. If you’ve experienced a moderate amount of decay, we may suggest a porcelain inlay or onlay. Porcelain inlays cover the biting surface of the tooth inside the cusps, while onlays extend over the cusps and exterior surface. These restorations are crafted of high-quality porcelain, and serve to strengthen the structural integrity of the tooth to be fixed. In many cases, teeth restored with inlays or onlays don’t require additional protection from a dental crown.

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Same Day Crowns

Teeth that are broken, damaged, or have received endodontic therapy can benefit from the support of a dental crown. Crowns are cap-like restorations that fit over the entire tooth to stabilize and protect your natural teeth. We use impressions of your teeth to create your custom crown, which is made from porcelain fused to metal or entirely metal-free components, depending on your specific needs. Crowns have a variety of uses, including restoring a dental implant, protecting damaged teeth, or anchoring dental bridges, and with our E4D technology, we can make your crowns in the same day as your visit! The convenience that this brings will be felt the moment you get up from the chair!


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Another option for replacing missing teeth, dentures and partials support your smile by allowing you to bite, chew, talk, and smile with confidence. We’ll create customized prosthetics that suit your face and mouth, and which look and feel natural. Unlike a dental bridge, partials and full-set dentures are removable. If you still have some healthy teeth, you can opt for partials, which are held in place by metal clasps, and stop the remaining teeth from shifting position.

Full dentures work for patients who have lost an entire arch of teeth. We’ll custom create a set of prosthetics that look naturally beautiful, and fully restore your smile. Your dentures will fit comfortably and securely, and you’ll regain confidence in your smile. We also offer implant-retained dentures, so if you’re considering full dentures, ask us how dental implants can benefit you!

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If you’re missing teeth, consider dental implants to get a complete smile that’s the closest to the teeth you were born with. Dental implants promote your oral health by acting as an entire tooth structure, including the root. At Downtown Tinley Dental, we place your dental implants – surgically inserting a titanium post into your jaw bone – and restore them – adding a customized dental crown.

Need dentures? Ask how implant-retained dentures offer a more secure fit. We also use mini-implants, which are perfect for areas with low bone density or require smaller teeth. See how dental implants can bring back the best of your smile!

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Endodontic therapy, more commonly known as a “root canal” may worry you. However, if the dental pulp becomes infected, you’ll need to have it removed in order to save the tooth. And you can take comfort knowing that we’ll keep you relaxed and happy throughout the procedure, eliminating the worry and stress of a dental treatment that many perceive as uncomfortable. We perform a variety of endodontic treatments, including molar and anterior root canals right in our office.

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Oral Surgery

We try to save your natural teeth whenever possible, but sometimes a tooth may be too damaged. If you need to have a tooth removed, relax knowing that our caring team is by your side. We perform minor tooth extractions in our office, and we’ll be with you each step of the way. We’ll thoroughly explain the process, and send you home with appropriate after care instructions. At Downtown Tinley Dental, you’ll get the most advanced treatment in the least invasive way possible.

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The latest technology allows us to bring you the very best in restorative dentistry. With the E4D Dentist System, we’re able to revolutionize the way we take dental impressions. This system uses laser scanning, which grabs an optical image of the tooth to create accurate, mess-free impressions. Unlike other CAD/CAM scanners, the E4D system doesn’t require reflective powder to scan the digital impressions. Additionally, this technology can design the perfect restoration for your smile. Get the beautiful smile you deserve with the advanced dental technology available at Downtown Tinley Dental.

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Dental bridges are prosthetics used to replace either a missing tooth or a series of missing teeth, and are held in place by two dental crowns – one on each side of the gap created by the missing teeth. Bridges are fixed in place, and we ensure the restoration is undetectable against your natural smile. Your restoration is seamless, durable and fully functional.

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