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Routine Care That Protects Tinley Park Smiles

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You expect your dentist to clean your teeth and check for problems. What makes our general dentist different is the willingness to go above and beyond the basic care to ensure beautiful smiles for your whole family. It’s about delivering results and making them last.

We strive to promote your oral health through maintenance and prevention. By being proactive, we can prevent small problems from becoming larger, more complicated (and often costlier) issues. With our thorough exams, we review your entire mouth, not just your teeth, to ensure everything is working as it should and the balance between functionality and aesthetic is just right.

At Downtown Tinley Dental, we’ll keep your teeth free of decay and monitor the progression of gum disease to minimize risk of complication. We use general dentistry as a starting point for our dental services, as our goal is to get you a gorgeous smile that looks as great as it feels.

Comprehensive Exams

Great oral health has to begin somewhere. Our comprehensive oral exams are the first step to addressing your concerns and ensuring a lifetime of healthy smiles. We begin with a thorough discussion of your medical and dental history, your goals, and your tooth issues. We’ll check your gums, joints, jaw and teeth, as well as completing oral cancer screenings and a full set of digital images. With attention to detail and a gentle hand, we’ll help you get the very best smile.

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Oral Cancer Screenings

Early diagnosis of oral cancer can be lifesaving. We use visual and manual screening methods to check for signs of oral cancer in our patients. During your exam, Dr. Markus will inspect your cheeks, gums, tongue, roof of your mouth, and other soft tissue, looking for any abnormalities. Alcohol and tobacco use can increase your risk of developing oral cancer, though anyone can develop the disease. We recommend all our patients get a lifesaving screening, especially for patients over the age of 40.

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Digital x-rays are just another way we use the latest industry technology to aid our patients. Our digital x-rays render high-resolution images that can easily be shared with our patients. With no waiting for film to develop and less radiation exposure, the benefits of digital x-rays are obvious. Because they can be shared via a computer file, they make an excellent diagnostic tool, as we can zoom, highlight, rotate, and adjust the contrast of the images simply. This allows you to better understand areas of concern that the doctor may see.

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A deep professional clean can make your smile really light up. A visit with our hygienist will remove debris and bacteria from the surface of your teeth and in hard-to-reach areas like the back molars and between teeth. Our Cavitron magnetoscritive scalers assist in eliminating build-up. We’ll also evaluate your hygiene habits and at-home routine and assist you in developing the correct techniques for proper maintenance of your beautiful smile.

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Periodontal Therapy

Great oral health is not just about your teeth. It’s just as important to focus on your periodontal health, as gum disease is a leading cause of adult tooth loss. Plaque is a sticky, colorless film that develops on your teeth because of bacteria. If not removed, plaque can harden into tartar, and cause swollen, bleeding gums. We’ll clean your teeth and focus on removing plaque above the gum line. We’ll monitor your periodontal health and help to ward off gum disease.

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Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride restores essential minerals to the tooth enamel and adds a barrier against decay. We recommend children receive fluoride treatments at every visit. For adults, we provide fluoride treatments as needed, as it can help those who suffer from sensitivities. If you experience pain while eating or drinking something hot or cold, ask us how a fluoride treatment can be beneficial to your smile.

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Protect your smile with mouthguards and nightguard from Downtown Tinley Dental. We offer custom-fit nightguard for our patients who suffer from bruxism, more commonly known as nighttime grinding. These guards prevent excess wear on tooth enamel from unconscious grinding. For our budding athletes, we offer kid’s sport mouthguards to protect developing teeth during athletic activity.

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Whether you’re nervous about your visit or you need anesthesia, we offer nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is an inhaled gas that easily controlled, and provides mild sedation. The effects of nitrous oxide wear off quickly once the gas is shut off, meaning you’ll get back to your day quicker and feeling less groggy. After inhaling nitrous oxide, you’ll be fully awake, but will feel relaxed and calm. Nitrous is safe for children, and perfect for patients undergoing longer procedures.  

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Emergency Care

Dental emergencies happen whether you’re prepared for them or not. Thankfully, at Downtown Tinley Dental we try to account for dental emergencies in our patients. Chipped or broken tooth? Dental trauma? Toothache? Call us, and we’ll try to see you the very same day if possible. We want to relieve your discomfort quickly and get you back to your daily routine.

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Our intraoral camera is an excellent diagnostic tool that allows you to see everything that the dentist sees inside your mouth. A tiny, handheld camera, this helps our patients make a more informed decision about their care by being able to actually see what’s going on in your mouth. Mirrors are a thing of the past. With intraoral cameras, we’re making diagnosing and treating common dental problems easier and less invasive.

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